7 Benefits of Smart Home Automation

tablet controlling smart home gadgets

With so many advances in home technology, it’s easier than ever to improve the comfort, convenience and security of your home with the touch of a button. While programmable thermostats and security systems are nothing new, with smart home automation systems, you are able to control all these systems with your phone – no matter where you are.

Check out these seven benefits of smart home automation.

1. You Can Manage All Devices From One Place

It’s easier than ever to keep all your home’s technology connected with a single interface. All you need is an app on your smartphone and you can control a variety of functions, appliances and devices throughout your house.

2. You Get Flexibility

Smart home systems are extremely flexible when accommodating new devices and appliances. As you upgrade and replace your appliances and devices, you can easily incorporate them into your smart home automation system, resulting in seamless integrations that make your life as a homeowner easier.

3. You Can Maximize Home Security

When integrating security and surveillance features into your network, you can remotely monitor motion detectors, surveillance cameras, alarms, automated door locks, and other security measures, says SF Gate. You can even activate them from your mobile device when away from home – or even from the couch! Best part is, you can monitor these activities in real time.

4. You Can Remotely Control Home Functions

On a hot day, you can use your smart phone to crank up the AC so it’s nice and cool by the time you return from work. If you’re late getting back from picking up the kids at practice and they’re starving, you can preheat your oven from your phone while on your way home. And if you forget if you turned the lights off when leaving for vacation, a simple check of your phone will give you the answer you need. And if you did forget, you can turn them off remotely.

5. You Enjoy Increased Energy Efficiency

Your programmable smart thermostat is so smart that it can learn your schedule and temperature preferences, then suggest the best energy efficient settings to use all day and night long. You can program your lights and motorized shades to switch to evening mode when the sun starts to set, or program your lights to automatically turn on and off as you come into or leave a room. Because you’re not wasting energy, you’re saving on your energy bills.

6. You Get Better Appliance Functionality

Smart home systems will help you run and manage your appliances better. A smart TV will help you quickly locate your apps and channels, while a smart oven will help you cook your chicken casserole perfectly. And a smart home theater and AV system can help you manage your movie and music collections when guests are over.

7. You Can Enjoy More Home Management Insights

You can gain better insights into how your home really operates on a daily basis. With knowledge comes power! Monitor how often you watch TV, what shows and movies you watch, keep track of which meals you cook, what kinds of foods you typically stock in the fridge, and what your energy consumption habits look like over the long term. These insights will allow you to analyze your daily behaviors and habits so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Overall Benefits of Home Automation

There is really no limit to how home automation systems can help you as a homeowner. From money savings and convenience to added security and peace of mind, smart home systems put control in your hands so you never have to second guess yourself again.

To recap, the benefits of home automation include:

  • Ability to switch off forgotten appliances from wherever you are
  • Increased security thanks to remote door locks and access codes
  • Reduction in energy bills thanks to smart thermostats and temperature controls
  • Electricity savings due to the ability to turn lights on and off remotely
  • Assurances that your children arrived home from school and practice safely
  • Ability to check on your home while at work or on vacation

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