Furnace Cleaning Tips for the Winter

Cold Factor loves to remind customers about furnace cleaning tips for thee winter. With winter coming on, keeping your furnace and heating system clean is very important. It makes the system more efficient, meaning you get heat faster and with less energy use, but the biggest benefit is that consistent cleaning reduces the odds of a breakdown. It keeps your system running when you need it.

Parts of Texas have already seen snow this year. A heater failure at the wrong time could put you in a dangerous position that may lead to secondary issues, such as burst pipes if the water freezes. That’s not a risk you want to take. It’s not a risk you can afford.


Furnace Cleaning Tips for the Winter

So, what should you do? Here are a few important cleaning tips you can use to reduce the chances of a breakdown:

  • Change the air filter once a month. Do not put it off. Do not wait for the furnace to overheat and shut down. In the worst cases, a dirty filter puts so much extra stress on the blower motor that you can burn out the motor and the furnace won’t work at all. The best defense against these issues is to create a set schedule for filter replacements and stick to it.
  • If you have a pilot light, keep an eye on the color. It should have a bluish tint, not orange.
  • Keep all airflow registers open. Clean them out if they’re in the floor and they tend to gather dust. Never cover them with furniture or anything else.
  • Clean out the heat vents, as well. Depending on the age of the house, they could be in the floor, the walls or even the ceiling. They all need cleaning at times, though the ones in the floor need it the most often.
  • Do not store anything near your furnace and keep the area tidy. This helps keep the unit clean and safe.
  • Consider cleaning the various sensors, such as the flame sensor. It can get carbon buildup over time that makes it impossible for it to sense a working flame, and the unit will then shut itself off as a safety measure. You may want to have a professional do this cleaning if you are not experienced with it yourself. Additionally, these sensors sometimes need to be replaced to get them to work properly again.

Neglect is one of the biggest issues with heating systems and furnaces. People simply do not think about them until they break down. By focusing on them in advance, you can often extend the life of the unit and get more efficient functionality with fewer unexpected breakdowns.

Signs of a Problem

You also want to keep an eye out for minor issues that may mean a breakdown is coming. Some signs to look for may include:

  • The furnace runs for far too long, indicating that it is not working efficiently
  • The furnace occasionally fails to fire or shuts itself off, meaning there may be a problem with the flame sensor, the pressure sensor or something else of this nature
  • The furnace turns off before the temperature in the house reaches the intended target
  • The blower motor ramps up its power and seems too loud
  • The airflow from the vents does not seem very powerful or cannot be felt at all
  • There are big differences between temperatures at different levels in the house
  • You hear unexplained vibrations or rattling sounds from the furnace when it is running
  • The pilot light, if you have one, is flickering instead of burning steadily
  • The red indicator LED light, if you have a newer furnace, is flashing a set sequence; furnaces have built-in error codes and the flashing light tells you what is not working properly
  • The furnace starts to sound different, perhaps making a low rumble
  • The furnace is running and the blower works, but the air you feel coming out of the vents is cold
  • Your heating bills start to rise dramatically and you do not know why

If you see any of these issues, it could mean your furnace is getting closer to a breakdown. Not all of these issues can be corrected with cleaning, but many can, and knowing what to watch out for gives you a chance to act as soon as something goes wrong.

Professional Assistance When You Need It Most

Breakdowns happen. If your heating system goes out in the middle of the winter, it can be catastrophic. Make sure you know whom to call. You can always reach us at Cold Factor by dialing 214-717-8802. We are experienced and professional, and we have fast response times.

We’re a second-generation, family-owned company, and we stand behind our good name. We can work with all major brands and models. Call us for fast service you can trust.

What to Look for in a Quality HVAC Contractor

Keeping your home or office comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter requires professional HVAC contractor services. From routine maintenance and tune-ups to replacing aging system components and more, a highly trained air and heating technician is a valuable resource. But what qualities should you look for when shopping for a trustworthy and reliable HVAC contractor?


Below, we’ll take a look at some of the key elements you should look for when searching for the right professional to repair, service or install a new system in your home or place of business.

A Focus on Your Total System, Not Just Individual Components

One of the key elements that separates a true HVAC professional from an amateur technician lies in their ability to address the needs of the total system, not just individual components. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that only knew how to replace headlights when your vehicle was overheating. Much like a vehicle, HVAC systems rely heavily on all components working efficiently and effectively to heat and cool your home or office. Finding a trained, skilled and experienced heating and air professional able to see the big picture of your system is critical.

A high-quality, professional HVAC technician should examine a wide range of factors when assessing your heating and cooling system.

These include:

  • The system’s overall airflow and design
  • Load calculations to determine the right size system to maintain efficiency
  • Static pressure calculations to assess the volume of air the fan should deliver

Precision Testing and Adjusting Services

In addition to understanding how all components of your system work together, a quality HVAC professional handles full scope diagnostic services. Using the latest, cutting-edge testing equipment, trained heating and air technicians can quickly get to the root of your system’s issue.

Beyond efficient testing to locate problems with your HVAC equipment, a professional technician can also perform a wide range of adjustments to keep the system functioning at peak efficiency. These adjustments are often done during HVAC testing and balancing. During this process, a high-quality technician will ensure your heating and air system delivers the right amount of air throughout your home or office.

Experienced HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance

Your HVAC system works hard year-round to keep you and your family comfortable, but often accumulates dust and dirt from the outside air. A quality HVAC professional understands that keeping your system performing its best requires routine cleaning of components including:

  • Air ducts
  • System filters
  • Fan motors and fan housing
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cooling coils
  • Condensate drip pans and more

These are just a few of the many items that a true HVAC professional can quickly examine and clean when conducting a thorough assessment of your system.

Extensive Knowledge, Hands-On Experience and Cutting-Edge Equipment

Like most other industries, the HVAC community experiences technological advancements each year. Therefore, it is important to locate a quality heating and cooling company that stays on top of these advancements and understands how to incorporate them into your system. Keeping up with the latest techniques, tools and best practices allows a dependable HVAC professional to provide outstanding service to customers.

Full-Scale Customer Support

The highest-quality HVAC professionals in the business understand that delivering five-star customer support is a critical part of building long-term relationships with clients. They will go the extra mile to ensure that customers are informed and fully satisfied throughout each phase of a system installation. Most will even follow up with customers shortly after the job is finished to ensure the system is performing efficiently and answer any questions.

Installation of a Customized System That Meets Your Needs

Last, but not least, on this list of top qualities to look for in an HVAC professional is their ability to customize a system to meet your home’s or office’s specific heating and cooling needs. Many amateur HVAC companies push a one-size-fits-all approach to installations. A trustworthy and reliable air and heating technician will help you select the optimal equipment tailored to your:

  • Home’s or office’s size
  • Humidity levels
  • How well your home or office is sealed
  • The location of windows and more

Learn More About Top-Quality HVAC Service or Installations

Would you like more information on superior quality HVAC service from a certified and experienced professional? If so, reach out to the friendly and reliable experts at Cold Factor Heating & Air Services LLC. As a second-generation, local, family-owned and -operated business, we are the go-to team clients trust to deliver top-tier service. Give us a call today at 214-717-8802 and schedule your free estimate or learn about our same-day service.

What Is Important to Look for in a Quality HVAC Installation?

Many customers experience frustration when searching for a high-quality team of professionals to handle HVAC installations for residential or commercial properties. There is no shortage of companies on the market each promising outstanding results and superior service. However, only a handful of these businesses demonstrate the qualities customers demand and deserve when considering the installation of a new heating and air system.


Below, we’ll explore some of the elements customers should look for when deciding on a team to deliver outstanding HVAC installation services.

Customized and Efficient System Design and Installation

When choosing a heating and air company to complete an HVAC system installation, beware of those who push a one-size-fits-all approach. Each building is unique and requires a customized installation approach to deliver maximum efficiency and help keep energy costs low. A high-quality HVAC professional should assess a wide range of factors when designing the right system for your home or place of business. These factors include:

  • Condition and design of any existing ductwork
  • Required airflow to each room in a building
  • The level of humidity in each part of the home or office
  • Heat load calculation
  • Location of all windows and doors
  • The overall square footage of the space and more

After calculating all of this information, a quality HVAC professional team will design a streamlined, efficient system ideally suited to your needs. Backed by a customized system matched to your building’s unique specifications, you can rest assured that your spaces will remain comfortable year-round.

Experienced Installation Tailored to the Manufacturer’s Specifications

Manufacturers put systems through extensive testing before placing them on the market. This testing results in a range of important information that heating and air conditioning installation teams should use during the installation process. A quality HVAC professional will use this valuable data from the manufacturer to ensure that a newly installed system will operate at peak performance.

Cutting-Edge Equipment and Thorough Testing

Another important factor to consider when looking for a quality HVAC team to complete a world-class installation job on your home or office lies in the equipment and testing processes they use. Each year, new, more effective and efficient installation and testing equipment hits the market. A quality HVAC company keeps up with these advancements and uses the best digital gauges, meters, temperature sensors and more to handle all installation and diagnostic services including:

  • Testing and pressurizations
  • Static pressure tests
  • Balancing and more

Follow-Up Maintenance and Warranties

Once the system is installed and operating well, a quality HVAC installer knows that the job is not yet complete. Professional heating and air companies handle all necessary follow-up maintenance and testing required. Some will even deliver advanced maintenance programs to clients. These programs may include routine tweaks to the system’s airflow, or more complex diagnostic and repair services if a problem arises.

In addition to follow-up maintenance, superior HVAC professionals offer warranties on newly installed systems. Often, this includes a 10-year warranty on labor as well as the warranty provided by the system’s manufacturer. These warranties deliver peace of mind for commercial and residential customers.

Full-Scale Customer Support

The highest-quality HVAC professionals in the business understand that delivering five-star customer support is a critical part of building long-term relationships with clients. They will go the extra mile to ensure that customers are informed and fully satisfied throughout each phase of a system installation. Most will even follow up with customers shortly after the job is finished to ensure the system is performing efficiently and answer any questions.

Connect with a Top-Tier HVAC Installation Team in Your Area

If you would like additional information on locating a professional HVAC installation team in your area, connect with our experienced team at Cold Factor Heating & Air Services LLC today. Backed by over 15 years of hands-on experience, our second-generation, family-owned and -operated team is committed to delivering superior service.

Give us a call today at 214-717-8802 and ask about scheduling a free estimate for an HVAC repair or installation job. We service all major heating and cooling brands and even offer same-day service.