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AC Service & Maintenance in Flower Mound

Keep your AC running and your home comfortable with Cold Factor — we offer fast, affordable AC service and maintenance, including emergency repair services and preventative maintenance programs.

If your AC goes out, don’t sit and wait in the middle of a Texas summer. Call Cold Factor and we’ll dispatch a knowledgeable AC repair technician right away. We’ll work with you to resolve any AC issues quickly, while providing a range of cost-effective solutions and advice. Learn more about our services, or get in touch if you need immediate AC maintenance.

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Multiple AC Maintenance Options

AC is an everyday thing, to the point that most people forget it’s there until something goes wrong. An unexpected spike on your energy bill, a hot summer day with no cool air, or unwelcome sounds and smells — at Cold Factor we know your AC problems come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer flexible, common sense solutions for AC service and maintenance.

  • Basic AC Repair + Service

    Our basic AC repair and service is simple as it sounds. When your AC system breaks down, needs maintenance, or malfunctions, we’ll come out and fix it. We cover major and minor issues, from electrical issues and leaks to filter replacements.

  • Installs + Upgrades

    We offer AC sales, upgrade, and install services in Flower Mound, including things like smart home equipment and more. Just ask your Cold Factor tech, and we’ll walk you through your best AC options before scheduling an install or upgrade appointment.

  • Recurring Maintenance Plans

    Routine maintenance will save you money by preventing major AC system failures before they can happen, while also extending the lifespan of your equipment. Set up recurring maintenance at 6 month, yearly, or custom intervals.

  • Residential + Commercial

    Cold Factor supports comfort all across Flower Mound, whether that’s where you live or where you work. We provide both residential and commercial AC service and maintenance options, including comprehensive AC system maintenance or repair.

Request a Service Today

From weak airflow to inconsistent temperature and leaks, no AC issue is too large or small for us to handle. Most importantly, we will never pressure you to replace your unit or pay for repairs unless they are absolutely necessary. Should your unit prove to be beyond repair, however, we proudly offer a full variety of energy efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling units that can keep your home at a desirable temperature and minimize your monthly energy costs.

Dial (214) 717-8802 today to schedule an AC repair service in Flower Mound.

Cold Factor — Committed to Expanding AC Services

Included with our standard AC service and maintenance options, we focus on keeping our customers up to date on new HVAC technology and home environment improvements. We can help install and suggest things like smart thermostats, energy efficient systems, and AC options that improve air quality.

  • Save More with Smart Systems

    Automated and smart HVAC systems can save you a lot of money through improved energy efficiency. They also offer extended comfort through automated and remote temperature adjustments and system controls.

  • Improve Your Air Quality

    Better filters, UV purification systems, and more can help you breathe better in your own home. Great for combating asthma and allergies, cleaner air is a great way to improve your home environment and overall comfort.

  • Update Your Older Units

    Investing in a modern AC unit is worth a lot more than you might think. In addition to the technological improvements that provide better efficiency and more comfort, older systems are more prone to breakdowns and other issues. New systems might have a higher up-front cost, but help you save on repair costs, energy bills.

We do it all — from simple repairs and maintenance, to full blow technological improvements and integration, Cold Factor is dedicated to helping Flower Mound and the greater Dallas area with all their HVAC needs. We offer same day service, and work on all major HVAC brands and styles.If you need AC repair and maintenance, or want to learn more about any of the products or services we offer, just give us a call!


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