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AC Service & Maintenance in Lewisville

Fast, affordable AC service and maintenance keeps your home comfortable all year round. Cold Factor offers flexible service and maintenance plans, including emergency repair services and preventative maintenance programs.

If your AC goes out, don’t wait. One call, and we’ll send out a team of professional AC repair techs as soon as possible — we’ll resolve any and all AC issues quickly, providing a range of cost-effective options and advice on how to maintain your system. For same day AC service, or to learn more about our products and services, just get in touch!

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Multiple AC Maintenance Options

A lot of people forget their AC exists, that is until there’s some kind of problem. An unexpected lack of cold air, big hikes on your energy bill, or strange sounds coming from your unit — your AC problems come in a wide variety, which is why Cold Factor offers an equally wide range of flexible, common sense fixes for your AC service and maintenance problems.

  • Basic AC Repair + Service

    Super simple AC repair and services. If your system breaks down, requires maintenance, or has any other malfunction, Cold Factor will come out and find a fix. From major electrical or leakage issues, to simple filter replacements, we cover everything.

  • Installs + Upgrades

    For great offers and seamless AC setup in Lewisville, trust Cold Factor. We provide AC sales, upgrades, and installs for a variety of HVAC systems and equipment. Ask your technician about upgrading, and we’ll walk you through your best AC options.

  • Recurring Maintenance Plans

    Save money and prevent big breakdowns for your AC through preventative maintenance. This also extends the lifespan of your equipment, and prevents more expensive repairs down the road. Learn more about our recurring maintenance options.

  • Residential + Commercial

    For home and business, Cold Factor works all across Lewisville to provide high quality AC service and maintenance. We work on most standard units for businesses and residential homes.

Request a Service Today

From weak airflow to inconsistent temperature and leaks, no AC issue is too large or small for us to handle. Most importantly, we will never pressure you to replace your unit or pay for repairs unless they are absolutely necessary. Should your unit prove to be beyond repair, however, we proudly offer a full variety of energy efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling units that can keep your home at a desirable temperature and minimize your monthly energy costs.

Dial (214) 717-8802 today to schedule an AC repair service in Lewisville.

Cold Factor — Committed to Expanding AC Services

Beyond our main AC service and maintenance, Cold Factor is focused on providing people with access to the newest technology in the HVAC industry. We work with all of our customers to ensure that they’re up to date on all the exciting new options for improving their homes and businesses. We can help install and recommend things like smart thermostats, energy efficient systems, and options that improve air quality.

  • Save More with Smart Systems

    Between remote control and adjustment options and more efficient designs, you can save a lot of money with new HVAC systems and integrated smart home technology.

  • Improve Your Air Quality

    Combat asthma and allergies, or just enjoy cleaner air indoors with a huge range of improved filters, purification systems, and UV technology that can significantly improve air quality and your overall comfort.

  • Update Your Older Units

    While older AC units aren’t a total waste of money, newer models with integration options can provide a better range of control and comfort. You can save on energy bills through more customizable settings, more efficient air flow, and fewer repair costs throughout the years.

We have what you need, from simple repairs and maintenance to full blown technological improvements and integration. At Cold Factor, we’re dedicated to providing Lewisville and the Dallas area with the best in HVAC maintenance and services. Get same day service or schedule maintenance for all major HVAC brands and styles. Want to learn more? Just give us a call or fill out a form!


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