Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different at Cold Factor

  We are performance contractors that have been in this industry for well over a 2 decades doing unique customization and customer designs for our client’s hvac, ac, heating and indoor air quality needs. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve been there for our clients and given them the best possible service. Even our owner, Cory Huffman, grew up working in this industry with his father; HVAC service runs in our veins.   At Cold Factor, we pride ourselves in bringing honest pricing and high-quality service and work to our customers and being able to offer customized solutions and options for them, their family and their homes. We are proud to offer a different approach to what we provide our clients- holistic, comprehensive services using the latest in technology that is based on science.

Our Goal

To provide the absolute best in home comfort with a fair approach to business and treating all of our clients like family, while offering customized solutions to your new installations, as well as for maintenance and repairs that are the best fit for you.

How We’re Different

  Our love and fascination with science and technology has driven us to provide the best and most up to date brands and products for our customers. When we’re working with a customer, we address their needs based on a holistic approach. When it comes to considering the “what, why and how” of addressing any issues, we consider the following aspects of any home repair:  
  • Mechanical
  • Air Flow
  • Electrical
  • Sizing
  • Refrigerant- often the most overlooked and one of the most important!
  Ways of doing things in this industry are always changing and updating. We’re always adapting, learning and growing, as well as teaching our talented technicians so they’re also in the know of the latest techniques.   Whenever you may need our help, we can assist you in all of your home comfort needs such as any repair, installation or maintenance of an ac unit, heating, whole house automation and more. We utilize science and technology to create our customized, practical solutions.   Whether it’s a new installation, maintenance, upgrade or a repair, we will check out what the issue or situation is, figure out the best way to handle it, solve your problem, or determine what would be best for your home and we’ll create it specifically for you and your needs. We focus on your entire system- not just individual components.

How We Can Help

  We understand that for most customers, it comes down to two things- budgets and money. That’s the beauty of Cold Factor- no matter what, we will meet your needs at your own price point, be open about all charges- never any hidden fees- and make sure we get the job done and you still get high-quality performance contractor service. We always make sure our customer’s goals have been met and that our goal has been met too- that you’re comfortable in your home or business.

Staying in Touch With You

  When we work with a client, we’re there through it all along the way. We stay in touch, we follow up and make sure their needs are continuously being met time and time again thanks to our services.   In order to keep your technology and systems as close to factory fresh as possible, you’ll always want to stay up to date on your maintenance. It can cost you a lot in the long run and cause you significantly less stress if you catch something early or before an even bigger issue arises.   For example, if you get your AC checked out in early spring and find there was a problem beginning to form, you’ll save yourself from having to deal with those scorching hot Texas summer days with no AC!   We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen by keeping up to date with you and your systems.